Vale progress

It’s been a busy couple of days. Two nights ago, BoB’s sovereignty on JZV-F4 dropped, rendering the station vulnerable to take-over. A huge force of Goonswarm, KIA, Daisho and TCF were arrayed against it’s defences and it was shortly turned into a KIA asset. BoB didn’t show up to defend it, and neither did any other GBC member.

I got the impression that BoB and Morsus Mihi were going at it hammer and tongs in the M-O area as we haven’t seen much BoB over the past couple of days.

Last night, our attention turned to the F-V9QW constellation in Vale- where Tri hold sovereignty in the majority of the systems there, and hold 3 outposts that used to belong to Hydra until 2 weeks ago. If we were going to kick Tri out of Vale, that’s where we needed to concentrate. As you’d expect it was going to be well defended, with reports of a large Tri fleet lurking. It was a short distance from TVN, the major system in Vale, and where Tri have their cap ships based.

I was piloting a Broadsword Heavy Interdictor. Due to usually flying a Tempest, Rapier or Stiletto, I hadn’t had much time spent in the Broadsword, so I was familiarising myself with the Warp Disruption Field Generator. For those of you who don’t know anything about them, they can either produce (with a script) an unbreakable focused warp scramble that a Warp Core Stabiliser won’t save you from; or a Warp Disruption field like a bubble (if unscripted), but without the anchoring delay. It’s based on a Rupture cruiser hull, with considerably better resistances and shield tanked due to the extra mid-slots.

Our fleet was all KIA/ Daisho support ships, and we were also joined by a TCF fleet which stayed in a seperate fleet. We synched voice comms so we could be controlled more easily by one FC. After a lot of back and forth, reacting to reports of their ships, we finally met their fleet in T-ZWA. TCF jumped in first with their heavy fleet composition and warped to the enemy fleet.  We followed shortly after, and got a warp in point.

As i dropped out of warp, I found myself 60km from the enemy fleet. The gate was beyond them, and they had started to align and were across me to my right. I engaged the MWD and pointed my ship ahead of them, so they’d be coming toward me. I intended to bubble as many of them as possible, then keep pace with their ships. My overview was full with their Battleships and Battlecruisers, but they seemed to be concentrating their fire on the TCF fleet, and didn’t appear to have much support of their own.

I got to within 15km and engaged my disruption field. I was hoping the TCF commander would see this and divert his fire. For my part I felt suddenly very vulnerable as no-one likes enemy Interdictors or EW ships and they tend to die quickly. But no-one even locked me. I targetted the primary and secondaries as they were called, but even with Barrage ammunition, the maximum range of my 220m Vulcans was about 21km so I couldn’t hit much.

Just as quickly as it started, the battle was over. Some mopping up of pods stuck helplessly in the disrption fields, and it was done. We held the field, Tri was scattered… for now. They had inflicted quite a few losses on TCF, but had also taken much more themselves.
[OOC: the lag and desynch was quite bad in this area (about 240 in local) and frequently I found myself desynched, seeing and trying to lock ships that had already been destroyed, not actually being where I was in space etc. This is why the above report is as in character as it could be, as once again the lag was beyond my ability to RP around it]

~ by ombeve on October 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “Vale progress”

  1. I raise a glass in your honor, tonight! Congratulations on your victory Mr. ombeve!

  2. Wow, that picture is really neat. Gratz on your victories, sir.

  3. Nice pic. I’d hate to run into that gatecamp :P Congrats seem to be in order.

  4. Thanks all, but congratulations are premature! plenty of work to do yet, we need to capture another couple of systems that they will care about ;-)

  5. Yay for HICs!!!
    Go clear BoB back to their castle, we all appreciate your efforts!

  6. As former Pure (now acting as a merc in empire), I appreciate your efforts.

    For the people appreciating the pic, that’s what a BS/support fleet sitting at zero on a gate typically looks like. Now, the act of jumping through is likely to generate a lag fest on the other side particularly if there’s an enemy fleet arranged with support on the gate and BS’s at sniper range.

  7. I can’t wait to get into some action like this. I’m going to remain patient and keep busting away at the mundane skills and isk to be able to participate in warfare like this!

    Congrats on the victory, and great recap of the fight! =)

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