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•October 7, 2008 • 2 Comments

I have changed my web host, so have now been able to amalgamate my website, blog and shortly, my forum into one place.

Please redirect yourselves to with immediate effect, and don’t forget to update any bookmarks or feeds you may have of the site.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

[OOC] Ombeve website offline

•October 6, 2008 • 6 Comments

Just in case anyone is wondering, and if they find their way here, my website is temporarily offline as I switch hosts from a ‘££££ a month’ provider, to ‘£ a month’ provider.

With any luck it won’t take any longer than a button press and DNS servers updating, but you never know….

Vale progress

•October 5, 2008 • 7 Comments

It’s been a busy couple of days. Two nights ago, BoB’s sovereignty on JZV-F4 dropped, rendering the station vulnerable to take-over. A huge force of Goonswarm, KIA, Daisho and TCF were arrayed against it’s defences and it was shortly turned into a KIA asset. BoB didn’t show up to defend it, and neither did any other GBC member.

I got the impression that BoB and Morsus Mihi were going at it hammer and tongs in the M-O area as we haven’t seen much BoB over the past couple of days.

Last night, our attention turned to the F-V9QW constellation in Vale- where Tri hold sovereignty in the majority of the systems there, and hold 3 outposts that used to belong to Hydra until 2 weeks ago. If we were going to kick Tri out of Vale, that’s where we needed to concentrate. As you’d expect it was going to be well defended, with reports of a large Tri fleet lurking. It was a short distance from TVN, the major system in Vale, and where Tri have their cap ships based.

I was piloting a Broadsword Heavy Interdictor. Due to usually flying a Tempest, Rapier or Stiletto, I hadn’t had much time spent in the Broadsword, so I was familiarising myself with the Warp Disruption Field Generator. For those of you who don’t know anything about them, they can either produce (with a script) an unbreakable focused warp scramble that a Warp Core Stabiliser won’t save you from; or a Warp Disruption field like a bubble (if unscripted), but without the anchoring delay. It’s based on a Rupture cruiser hull, with considerably better resistances and shield tanked due to the extra mid-slots.

Our fleet was all KIA/ Daisho support ships, and we were also joined by a TCF fleet which stayed in a seperate fleet. We synched voice comms so we could be controlled more easily by one FC. After a lot of back and forth, reacting to reports of their ships, we finally met their fleet in T-ZWA. TCF jumped in first with their heavy fleet composition and warped to the enemy fleet.  We followed shortly after, and got a warp in point.

As i dropped out of warp, I found myself 60km from the enemy fleet. The gate was beyond them, and they had started to align and were across me to my right. I engaged the MWD and pointed my ship ahead of them, so they’d be coming toward me. I intended to bubble as many of them as possible, then keep pace with their ships. My overview was full with their Battleships and Battlecruisers, but they seemed to be concentrating their fire on the TCF fleet, and didn’t appear to have much support of their own.

I got to within 15km and engaged my disruption field. I was hoping the TCF commander would see this and divert his fire. For my part I felt suddenly very vulnerable as no-one likes enemy Interdictors or EW ships and they tend to die quickly. But no-one even locked me. I targetted the primary and secondaries as they were called, but even with Barrage ammunition, the maximum range of my 220m Vulcans was about 21km so I couldn’t hit much.

Just as quickly as it started, the battle was over. Some mopping up of pods stuck helplessly in the disrption fields, and it was done. We held the field, Tri was scattered… for now. They had inflicted quite a few losses on TCF, but had also taken much more themselves.
[OOC: the lag and desynch was quite bad in this area (about 240 in local) and frequently I found myself desynched, seeing and trying to lock ships that had already been destroyed, not actually being where I was in space etc. This is why the above report is as in character as it could be, as once again the lag was beyond my ability to RP around it]

Pod dreams

•October 3, 2008 • 6 Comments

After many hours of total shutdown, and regular reports with Captain Barsaf, they told me they had perfomed a reset of all the major systems, and replaced most of the burnt out computer cores. They were going to perform a staggered restart of the systems.

I thanked him profusely, and warned him that there were about 400+ hostiles in the system- it was highly likely we wouldn’t get out of this with the ‘pest intact. I told him if I put the ship into a ‘situation’, to abandon ship- get him and his crew safe- after all their hard work to get us going again, I didn’t want to throw their lives away. After some persuading, he reluctantly agreed.

The systems came back one by one- central cluster, propulsion… all was in the green. I saw our armour damage had repaired- in our down time, I had instructed nano-bots to repair what they could. The process was very much slower than using a module, but I had no local repairer fitted, and let’s face it, I had plenty of time.

The ship’s warp engines sucked power from the capacitor hungrily as they followed their programming to warp us back to the last position we were at before we shut down. I held my breath…. as we warped to the E-O gate, and smack dab into a BoB camp. I sighed internally (sighing externally would’ve been a very bad idea), and told the crew to abandon ship. I turned the ship around to align to a distant planet, and engaged MWD to get me clear of the disruptor bubbles. It wouldn’t save my ship, but it may give my pod a chance.

My HUD flashed me warnings that the escape pods were being launched- I over-rode the warning and it shut off. At least they were close to a gate and refuge. I’d see them again.

I had been locked onto by many ships, and was completely jammed. Frustrated that I couldn’t do anything, I launched my light drones, maybe they’d mildly irritate someone before they got vapourised. In a final act of spite, I set my guns and modules to overheat and hopefully destroy themselves. Petty, yes. Satisfying? Very.

Inevitably, the Tempest blew asunder. The Concord record of it’s demise was incomplete, there were so many pilots who had shot at me, the details were truncated of what modules dropped. No big deal either way.

My pod spat out into space, and as I was clear of the bubbles, I got out of there pronto before anone could lock me. After making a few safe mid-spots, I wanted to get near to Taisy gate (which aside from E-O gate was the only other gate which led anywhere other than into a loop back). Unfortunately, Taisy gate was one of those objects that wasn’t near a planet, moon, belt or anything that could be warped to. Fortunately for me I had made a 300km bookmark from the Taisy gate in times past, so I warped to that at a 100km to assess the situation. As I expected, it was large anchor bubbled. If I was in a small ship with MWD I may have gone for it, but my pod would stand no chance. I warped to a safe spot and powered down. I would bide my time.

2 days later, the pod was starting to close in on me. It was the longest time I’d spent in a pod. Although the pod fluid was automatically cleaned and recycled, it felt dirty. Physically I felt comfortable, but I longed to stretch my legs and breathe the fresh (recycled) clean (recycled) air of a station. I had been monitoring comms as I had been pretty bored. Looks like KIA had sustained heavy losses, which was no huge surprise given the situation. And I was the only one left in here. I powered up the pod from time to time to check out the gates, but BoB maintained a solid presence on the gates. It was the anchored bubbles that were the issue.

Clearly they were going nowhere soon, and I wasn’t about to throw myselves upon them. I decided to self destruct the pod. I made sure my cerebral pattern was uploaded and initiated self-destruct. I hated waking up in a cloning vat, the disorientation and sickness passed soon but wasn’t very appealing.

You have initiated self-destruct. Your ship will be destroyed in 2 minutes

Two minutes. Two long minutes. I hoped the crew had got on-board the E-O gate OK. My mind wandered. I had quite liked this clone, spent a lot of time in it. It had a scar on it’s thumb where I’d cut myself on a sharp piece of-

Your ship self- destructs

Darkness. Suffocating. My pod was malfunctioning, oh god oh-

“Welcome back sir” a smiling tech said. His head swam into view above me, and I felt myself being rubbed by something- it felt peculiar. I sat up on my elbows groggily as my eyes focused, and watched the tech completing his towelling down of my new body, leaving smears of clone vat fluid.

“You’re in TDE station, sir” he reminded me, just in case I had no idea. Good job really, as I didn’t. “Ah, yes, Brutor” he tailed off, mumbling to himself as he rummaged in a cupboard. The room was large, with a row of clone vats up one side, a row of shower stalls on the other side, and recovery couches like the one i was on, in the middle section. The Tech was a young Gallentean, smartly dressed. He looked vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him.

He made a pleased noise, and came back to me holding a small box. “There you go sir. Showers are over there, and fresh towels inside. Any problems, let me know, my office is over there.” He indicated a door to a windowless office. He left me and went into the office.

I thanked his departing figure, swung my legs over the side, and looked at my thumb. No scar. I felt the back of my head- no implants either. Meh. Curiously, I opened the plain box he had handed me, and shook out the contents. A smart pair of Brutor sunglasses plopped out into my lap. I chuckled- never had those given to me in a clone centre before. Nice touch.

[OOC] V3.55 of 2d EVEMaps is released

•October 1, 2008 • 5 Comments

Following the patch changes to the routing around Jita yesterday, I have made the changes to my maps. Read the official post here.

The Little People

•September 30, 2008 • 4 Comments

“Yessir Mr Ombey, sir” Captain Barsaf said as the viewscreen in front of him flicked off. An image of a face lingered for a heartbeat on the screen, then disappeared.

Barsaf turned to his XO, an Achuran Caldari called Lieutenant Shogo and muttered “I still can’t believe he wears his sunglasses in that pod”.

They were in the Captain’s ready room, a small office attached to the main bridge where the Captain could take care of business without being too far away from the action.

Shogo chuckled. “It’s a Brutor thing I guess, sir”.

Barsaf was all business again, the minor slippage of his normally official demeanour corrected “Report please XO”

“Yessir. Carvalen and her engineering team still can’t get to the bottom of the problem. They’ve taken everything apart, checked it, checked it again, and it still doesn’t work. They are going to run a deep diagnostic programme, but it’ll take an hour or so to calibrate and 6 hours to run. No-one normally needs to run deep diagnostics which is why the calibration needs to be performed. Life support, avionics and navigation are all in the green but until the primary cluster and propulsion are back up we have no way of verifying.”

Barsaf was lost in thought for a moment. “I assume we are OK for power?” he questioned

“Yes sir, reactors are showing no signs of damage but other than life support they have no load on them. When propulsion comes back, then we’ll see.”

Barsaf sighed, “I don’t understand why this time was any different. We’ve been DD’d before, we can withstand them with no problem. Unless it was some kind of new super-weapon?”

Shogo pursed his lips in thought. “I doubt it sir, we’d have heard about it. The mega-corps don’t sneak out weapons like that without huge fanfare and publicity, it’s counter productive. Oh, we just heard over NeoCom- they have rerouted some jump gates around Jita”

“Oh, which ones?” This piqued the Captain’s interest

“Erm, one second sir” Shogo consulted a tablet, and read out “Muvolailen now connects to Maurasi; Maurasi now connects to Perimeter, and Veisto to Sarekuwa”

“Heh, that’ll please the Muvolailens. My niece is based there and she’s always moaning about having to go through Jita to get anywhere. I don’t understand the Veisto and Sarekuwa re-route though?”

“I wondered about that too sir. Helmsman Kapro seems to think it will shorten the route from Lonetrek and into the Kimotoro constellation if pilots are avoiding Jita” Shogo responded.

“OK, thankyou XO, that’ll be all for now”.

“Sir.” Shogo turned smartly and left the Captain with his thoughts, sat in the dimly lit office.

For the time being, his Tempest was dead in the water. Even though Mr Ombey owned it, he thought of it as effectively his. He would never even come close to owning even a Tech 1 version of the Microwarpdrive the ship had installed, it was 12 times his annual salary. So, this was as as close as he was going to get to ship ownership, and he may as well enjoy it.

He activated the external cameras, and the image of the dark and silent Tempest appeared on the screen. He idly span the viewpoint round and around.

[OOC] Lost in space

•September 30, 2008 • 10 Comments

I was looking forward to writing an epic blow by blow account of over 1000 pilots slugging it out in Tribute/ M-OEE8, an entrypoint system. KIA had joined up with Daisho, Goonfleet and Tau Ceti Federation, and moved en masse to M-O to fight BoB and allies. Exact numbers are unclear, but it was 1100+.

As you may know I like to write my posts in character, and I deal with the occasional glitch with the client with problems with the ship, faulty wiring/ whatever. However, I was not prepared to turn what happened after we jumped in, into ‘in-character’ stuff. I just can’t turn the stupid lag into some mystical Jovian interference that buggered everyone’s ships up.

For those who don’t know what happened, I’ll summarise.

We jumped in to M-O. BoB etc. were waiting, we knew that, and we jumped in, shot at the large bubble anchored on the gate to make it easier for those following to get in and warp off the gate. BoB warped in Shrike in one of their Titans. Boom, DD goes off. I only knew this because my shields and armour fell to their customary ‘post DD’ levels (been DD’d quite a bit now!). The DD set off the insane lag.

After that, I had a disembodied experience. Modules wouldn’t de/re-activate, guns wouldn’t reload. I set my ship to warp to a distant point, and eventually it responded… to find my warp distance countdown actually increasing…to my bemusement. I heard that the fight where I was warping to was long range, so loaded up Tremor ammo. Big mistake. My guns never stopped ‘reloading’ for the next 10 minutes.

I plopped out of warp (eventually), into a friendly TCF fleet, made up mainly of Dreadnoughts. I felt disembodied- like I was a ghost, not actually there, that no-one could see or target. They were going at it hammer and tongs with a distant POS I think. At this point I realised it was all a horrendous clusterfunk, and decided to return to the E-O gate where the rest of the KIA guys were. I eventually got the ship to enter warp, and again watched my warp distance countdown count up! Arrived E-O gate, grid loaded after about 3 mins… lots of hostiles. Again, no-one targetted me, no-one could probably even see me. I turned around to warp out.. the ship responded after a minute or two.

Then the node crashed :( Great.

I wasn’t so much annoyed, just really disappointed. On the forum there was some muttering about BoB, Devs and nodecrashes benefitting them, but I think this is ridiculous. Spent the next hour trying to log in, there were two more node crashes. I gave up at 11pm, had work today and bedtime was calling. I guessed that things wouldn’t sort themselves out in a hurry.

I don’t even know if I’m alive to be honest. Killboards seem to indicate I am alive but who knows. I am not going to have a go at CCP or BoB (killboards show they killed 30+ caps to no losses of their own), but it’s a crying shame that Eve could go from being a great game to become an epic, world leading game if they could cater for 1000 man fleet fights. How much of a pull would that be? The game would sell itself.

For how many people was last night the last straw? Hopefully not many but it makes me wonder if 0.0 life is worth it if you can’t commit to a big fleet battle without knowing that the client at least is going to be stable. Fleets will only get bigger as the game gets bigger. I appreciate CCP can’t wave a wand and fix the lag or they’d have done it by now, but it’s the game’s biggest disappointment at the moment.

As for me, I’ll log in later and see if I can get my lumbering, battle scarred Tempest the hell out of M-O and either into Taisy or back into Tribute and head home. I fully expect to log in and land in a camp, but it’s just an internet spaceship. Right?


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